amla powder

We are processing and supplying Amla Powder that is Spray Dried and superlative in quality. You may also eat raw Amla for good Skin, digestion and be controlling diabetics. Fortunately, your  Power does not cost you a lot and is available all of the time in abundance. Our wholesaler in your area helps us in regulating a moderate price for the Amla Powder. Moreover, the Powder is better edible on foods that you eat daily basis. It boosts metabolism and prevents fat accumulation in your body. It also keeps your stomach full for a longer time duration. It strengthens the heart muscles, lowers cholesterol and controls hypertensions.

Whenever you consume Amla powder your gastrointestinal tract gets cleaned and further leads to the healthy bowel movement. This bodily behavior adds strength to your digestion and lets the nutrients absorption effectively. Moreover, it can be mixed in milk and drank twice a day to ameliorate bloating and acidity. The antioxidants containing in our amla powder is enormous and is often utilized in hair pigmentation. Our power is applied on the scalp and ensures your hair from premature graying. It is antibacterial in nature and so your itchiness and dandruff on the scalp are reduced.

Amla Powder Manufacturing Process:

This fruit should be collected and stored for food processing. Each of our Amla fruit is cleaned and washed before cooking in Pressure Vessels. According to the desirable quantity, you may stop cooking. Usually, all Amla fruits are made into powder forms for adding them to Juices, capsules and Skin Creams. We manufacture Amla Powder in a homemade environment and usually on a demand and supply basis. Our product is always packed in air tight container and plastic foils which ensure high quality and maximum effectiveness.

Benefits of buying Amla:

  • Slows down Ageing
  • Cures a sore Throat
  • Reduces Blood sugar level
  • Prevents Kidney Stone formation
  • Protects Skin from drying
  • Improves in Hair growth
  • Improves Eyesight